Crazy crayons

I made these just half an hour ago, and I am telling you, they are soooo easy. (It helps that I actually cut up the crayons, like, four months ago, but nevertheless…)

I found this project months ago from here, and then rediscovered it here, here, here…

The colours come out brilliantly, even with very similar hues, you can still see the contrast. I love them!

All of the tutorials I found said they were for toddlers, because of the easy-to-grip size. Boo. I made them for myself and I enjoyed it. I hope that when my friend comes over tomorrow that she will want to make some, but first I have to buy some more crayons.  

I made mine in a mini muffin tin with little paper cases, the crayons just pop right out of them. You could even keep them in the cases and give them as gifts. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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So far I have only been able to draw Maggie-Bear at one angle. But this is all about to change! Wow sketching is fun! You don’t have to worry about perfection, you just get your thoughts down onto the paper. I think this is my favourite stage of drawing. That and looking at the finished product. I get really frustrated when I have to finish something, and there’s a deadline, and it has to be perfect, etc. So I just adore the sketching phase. So innocent.

Remember, everyone, it’s Friday! Three day weekend in sight! WOOOOH!

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Bears and berets!

What I do at school: Bears and berets!

Don’t worry, we were watching a video in class. I wasn’t slacking, mum. Honest!

I have had Maggie the paper doll in my head for a few days, but because I was sick the ideas just weren’t coming onto paper properly. I think that it’s finally okay. Now I have to try and get it onto the computer. Or maybe I’ll do this one by hand. GAAAAAAAARRRR!!! I DON’T KNOW! sketch

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Yay collages!

Today I was home sick, so I decided to make the best of a sniffly situation. I got out all of my acrylics, mixed up some of my favourite colours, and voila!

Ok, so I may have missed a few steps there. After I had my colours all mixed, I painted them onto a4 white card. I waited for them to dry (it only took about 20 minutes, and it was thick.) Then, equipped with my trusty glue stick, I cut out all of the separate shapes from my now-coloured paper, and stuck them together, to make this little girl!

I love how I can get the shade exactly the way I want it with this method. I’m sure that it has been done many times before, but I thought of it all by myself. I’m so proud! ha. But it’s so easy, with bigger pieces of card, I think it would be great to do with kids. Let me know what you think.



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Chocolate chip cookies!

mmmmmmmmm…. recipe…

Today we celebrate the very first day of winter. I decided to celebrate it with cookies!

And I thought that I would share the recipe. Here goes:

I adapted this recipe from the Beautiful Biscuits one, and I think that I have perfected it. I’ve certainly used it enough times!


125g (4oz) butter

1/2 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of brown sugar, lightly packed

1 medium-sized egg

1 3/4 cups of self-raising flour

125g (4oz) chocolate chips or pieces (I prefer to use about 175g of chopped dark chocolate, but I LOVE my chocolate!)

60g (2oz) Walnut/pecan pieces (optional)


1) Cream together butter and sugars.

2) Add lightly beaten egg.

3) Mix in flour thoroughly.

4) Add  chocolate pieces and nuts if you wish. Mix well.

5) Shape balls of dough to the size that you prefer. Remember, they rise a LOT, so heaped teaspoonfuls make good, medium-sized biscuits. Place on lightly greased oven trays. ALLOW ROOM FOR SPREADING!

6) Bake in moderate oven (I usually have mine on 180° C) for 10 to 12 minutes.

Makes about 45 small biscuits, or 22 larger ones. It all depends on size.

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