About me

Hi! I’m Meg.

My blog was created to display my artwork, craft activities and hobbies.
I hope you find something you like!

P.s. please do not copy or use any content from this blog without consulting me first. You can contact me here:



  1. Karen replied:

    Lovely to see My Peach Tree up and running! Well done, Meg.xx

  2. Liv replied:

    Hey Meg (again lol)
    Luv the new pics. You’re such a good draw-er (which I’m also saying again :P)Coolness… Liv xoxo

  3. proffesa sexagen replied:

    hewo, ciao meg. cool website. u ahould make one about spwing woll weains that would be lol. italian is fun just like science!!!!!!!

    wuv u wong time ciao, aloha. gutentag

    wuv megan

  4. liv.claire replied:

    Hey Meggy,

    Omg the puppies are soooo cool and so cute!!!! One centimetre – That’s tiny! 😛 You’re really good at making/drawing/art in general lol… They should be able to be on the tutorial, but don’t worry, they’re gorgeous anyway 🙂
    Proffessa Sexagen… Lol Megan 😛
    ILY Liv xoxo

  5. Lexi replied:

    Hey my meggy,
    OMG, I love your site. Have fun chikky, only 10 days left till I get back. I have to join you to make those gorgeous things some time.
    Love Lexi

  6. lucinda! replied:

    i love the website!
    but most of all i love the picture of me!
    it looks really good
    love you HEAPS!
    xo lucy

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