So far I have only been able to draw Maggie-Bear at one angle. But this is all about to change! Wow sketching is fun! You don’t have to worry about perfection, you just get your thoughts down onto the paper. I think this is my favourite stage of drawing. That and looking at the finished product. I get really frustrated when I have to finish something, and there’s a deadline, and it has to be perfect, etc. So I just adore the sketching phase. So innocent.

Remember, everyone, it’s Friday! Three day weekend in sight! WOOOOH!

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Bears and berets!

What I do at school: Bears and berets!

Don’t worry, we were watching a video in class. I wasn’t slacking, mum. Honest!

I have had Maggie the paper doll in my head for a few days, but because I was sick the ideas just weren’t coming onto paper properly. I think that it’s finally okay. Now I have to try and get it onto the computer. Or maybe I’ll do this one by hand. GAAAAAAAARRRR!!! I DON’T KNOW! sketch

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Maggie – Bear

strolling in the forest...

Here is Maggie-Bear, strolling in the forest…

Holding her basket of scones…

and a nice close-up of her shoes!

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